KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29, 2015:

A video of a wild elephant being towed by two larger elephants is making rounds on social media.

Posted by Facebook user Ijoy Pijoy, the video shows a wild elephant being escorted out of an area by two “Gajah Denak” or specialist elephants, supposedly handled by officers from the Pahang Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Gajah liar berjaya ditawan oleh dua ekor gajah denak dari Jabatan Perhilitan Pahang (A wild elephant successfully detained by two specialist elephants from the Pahang Department of Wildlife and National Parks),” wrote Ijoy in the post.

According to the posting, the incident apparently happened in Kampung Bersia Lama, Grik, Perak.

The 31-second clip shared by Sukan Star TV Facebook page today, has received 101,551 views, 3,139 likes and 394 shares as well as garnered massive attention from netizens.

Facebook user, Alee Wahid asked why other elephants were used in order to capture its wild counterpart.

Another user, Alan Lan came with a reply saying that larger decoy elephants are used to protect the wildlife officers and handlers from the wild animal: “Gajah Denak are trained to obey its handlers, wild elephants can be vicious at times, so the Denak is used to persuade them.”

Sarah Manisarati comments that the video jogged her memory of a scene from a Disney animated movie: “This is cute. It reminds me of Dumbo following his mother at the circus.”


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