MELBOURNE, Oct 27, 2015:

A man today ran amok at the Little Ipoh Malaysian restaurant around 1pm local time.

During the incident, there were no customers in the premises. The staff, however, were forced to flee to safety.

The man could be seen in video footage calling for his mother and claiming to be “The Messiah”.

From afar. he could be seen brandishing a meat cleaver, with blood dripping from his hand, believed to have been injured when he smashed a glass window.

The streets were cordoned off by emergency services while the man threw objects through a broken window to passersby on the street below.

After negotiating for two and a half hours, the man finally descended from the premises with his hands behind his head and was taken into custody.

He received treatment for his wounds.

According to Melbourne police, the man’s actions were not racially, religious or politically motivated. He is expected to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to find out if he was under emotional stress.

His nationality was not immediately known.

Read more at:https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/29919235/melbourne-siege-situation-man-armed-with-meat-cleaver-holding-up-la-trobe-st-cafe/

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