KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22, 2015:

The Opposition will file a motion against the decision made in Parliament today to suspend Gelang Patah Member of Parliament (MP) Lim Kit Siang for six months.

Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo said there were two folds to the motion they will submit by next week.

He said one would be to challenge the Speaker’s decision to not follow the proceeding to the fact that it ought to have been Standing Order 80(A) reference to the committee of privileges.

“If a MP is to be punished for contempt of Parliament, the procedure for that is set out in 80(A).

“There the committee will there decide if that said MP is guilty and what the punishment should be then it would be reported back to the house and then the house will debate it,” he said when met by reporters in the Parliament lobby.

He said the interpretation or view of the speaker that 27(3) allows a complaint of this nature to be taken straight to the Dewan is “wrong”.

“27(3) refers to procedure and it only deals with how a motion is received.

“If we succeed with the motion it would show that the decision made to suspend Lim should be reviewed.

He said this was in order to give the said MP a chance of defending himself.

“Its been done before and many MPs have been referred to the committee.

“Our argument was that the speaker should have complied with the specific procedure but the speaker claims he is entitled to decide otherwise.”

Gobind said there are different types of motions for different types of events.

“Standing orders makes specific provisions for motions which deals with MPs.”

He said when a MP is suspended, it is not just the individual that is suspended but the voice of the constituency is lost in Parliament.

“MPs have lots of work to do in Parliament and lots of issued need to be raised and I feel this is very drastic.

“Earlier they used to take away the MPs salary as well but is now ruled unconstitutional in the view of my challenge in the Federal Court.”

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