KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20, 2015:

The Opposition coalition should work out their differences privately instead of resorting to name-calling, says PKR’s Sivarasa Rasiah.

The Subang Member of Parliament was referring to his colleague in Pakatan Harapan, DAP’s Tony Pua, who had earlier today criticised the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) for giving in to what he described as a “display of thuggery” shown by several PKR grassroots leaders.

Pua’s latest salvo came after the council made a U-turn on its decision to relocate the Deepavali Bazaar at Sungai Way village and Sivarasa’s earlier call that the bickering must stop.

“Let’s not descend into all these unnecessary name-calling and present ourselves as a credible coalition.

“I do not want to continue with this dispute.

“If we are going to present ourselves as a credible coalition, we should manage our differences well,” said Sivarasa when asked to comment on the matter.

He reiterated that the relocation matter of the Deepavali Bazaar should best be left to the local authorities, that comprised Mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain and the local councillors.

“Everybody should respect the decision made by the majority of the councillors.

“The memorandum submitted to the mayor with the proposal that the bazaar to be run at the old place and new site is a win-win solution.”

Pua in a statement today said Malaysians saw on video how his visit to, and press conference at the bazaar’s proposed new location was disrupted by Kelana Jaya PKR deputy chief Saminathan Kitchan, the division’s secretary Murali Subramaniam, and several PKR councillors from other districts.

He chided the PKR grassroots leaders for their display of “thuggish behaviour”.

After days of dispute involving the local traders, the council today has finally came to a conclusion that the bazaar should be held in two places — at the original site along Jalan SS9A/13 and another new site in Jalan SS9A/12.

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