SHAH ALAM, Oct 19, 2015:

Singaporean entertainment manager Muhammad Arif Dollah is in the midst of filing a defamation lawsuit against Akademi Fantasia 2015 (AF 2015) winner Mohammad Sufie Rashid, 24, relating to allegations of sexual harassment.

Muhammad Arif, who was also the former manager of Indonesian child star Tegar Septian, was previously accused of sexually harassing the 13 year old.

It was then that Mohammad Sufie, or Sufi, came forward with claims that Arif had also sexually abused him when he was a child.

“I deny any involvement in both allegations. Personally I was shocked because the accusation came after I was no longer Tegar’s manager,” he said at a press conference here today.

Muhammad Arif claimed Sufi’s reasons for accusing him of such actions might have been personal, because he was also previously married to the singer’s mother, Irma Suriana Mahamud, in 2011.

“He did not approve of the relationship I had with his mother.

“After the divorce, his mother had accused me of domestic abuse, but the charges were dropped when she was asked to undergo psychiatric analysis. Medical examinations also provided no proof of abuse.”

Commenting on both sexual abuse charges, Muhammad Arif alleged he had received information that seemingly a third party was actively “pulling the strings” in the matter.

“I managed to attain an audio file of a conversation where an individual who I assume is the mastermind, stated that his plot was arranged as a way to bring me down.

“The individual said that he wanted me to be arrested and prosecuted in three countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia,” said Muhammad Arif.

The entertainment manager added that he would settle the matter with Sufi outside of court if the latter chose to either come forward with an explanation of his reasons on the allegations, or personally apologise.

“I want him to come forward and face me as he was the one who started all of this. Therefore, he should be the one to end it.

“I take this matter seriously and I am very defensive when speaking about this case as it involves my reputation as well as my family’s honour.”

The sexual harassment charges against Muhammad Arif made by Tegar have been dropped by the Singaporean police after no evidence of the offence was found and the child star’s statements were said to be inconsistent.

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