SETIA ALAM, Oct 17, 2015:

Gerakan Wanita chief Tan Lian Hoe said Malaysians should emulate Singaporeans in giving priority to economic development and peace rather than political games.

She said Malaysians must take note that Singaporean had not bothered themselves with too much politics.

“Singaporeans are aghast at the political turbulence in our country which had affected the Malaysian currency and economy.

“Singaporeans are wise and they do not want the same thing happening in their country.

“Hence, Singaporeans gave a strong mandate to the People’s Action Party (PAP),” said Tan in her speech during the Gerakan Wanita annual general meeting today.

She said Singaporeans were smart enough to leave a few seats to the opposition as ”check and balance” when it comes drafting laws and formulation of government policies.

Tan added that there was no need for a strong opposition if all they do is to inflame the sentiments of the people, who will end up being the losers.

“Malaysians must decide if they want to live in destitution like the people in Syria, Libya and Egypt.

“Don’t end up like the Rohingya refugees who are facing a bleak and gloomy future because of political strife.”

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