KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17, 2015:

MIC national Wanita chief Mohana Muniandy has called former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad a desperate man with his attempts to oust Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

She said Najib has been rectifying the mistakes of Dr Mahathir who as Prime Minister marginalised the welfare of the Indians.

“I urge Dr Mahathir to stop the bickering and becoming a hindrance in Najib’s efforts of uplifting the Indian community in Malaysia.

“We Indians are just seeing some light by benefiting from the Barisan Nasional government. So I strongly urge Dr Mahathir to stop being a stumbling block in spoiling our chances in doing so.

“Let us Indians move forward and stand tall among all races in Malaysia,” she said in a press statement.

She said there was not one day that Dr Mahathir did not criticise Najib.

“It is so frequent that one will be able to see the desperation or rather obsession of Dr Mahathir in achieving his goal to somehow oust our Prime Minister.

“There is no other Prime Minister who has undertaken so tremendous amount of efforts for the betterment of the Indian community than Najib. He has done more in six years than what Dr Mahathir had done for the Indians in 23 years.”

Mohana went on to point out that it was under Najib that RM660 million was allocated to transform Tamil schools, apart from setting aside two ministerial positions in the Cabinet to represent the Indian community.

Najib, she added, also allocated RM2 billion Amanah Saham Satu Malaysia shares for the Indians and formed a secretariat for Indian empowerment, as well as a special committee in the Cabinet to look after the welfare and affairs of the Indians in Malaysia.

“No other Prime Minister other than Najib has initiated such moves.”

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