KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15, 2015:

About 50 bikers today met with the Ministry of Finance to voice their dissatisfaction with the management of the Sepang International Circuit (SIC).

Andalas Biker Syndicate (ABS) club president Mohamed Shahrin Mohamed Samsudin said the SIC should not appoint Sports Bike Riders (SBR), from Singapore, as the single operator to manage “Track Day”.

“We know they won the tender, but what we want is justice.

“SBR is from Singapore, but at the same time, appoint a local organizer to manage track day.

“It would be better to appoint a local operator,” he told The Rakyat Post.

Shahrin said SBR charged expensives fees to motorists to use the track for four hours.

He explained that SBR charged a fee of RM300 to RM350 for four hours and bikers were broken down into three groups of expert, intermediate and beginner.

“In terms of safety, it is good but not worth it.

“At first it was said to be for four hours but when broken into three groups, we can only use the circuit for just over an hour… that is if there is no accident.

“After SBR takes over, they won’t allow motorcycles under the 400cc entry at the circuit.

“There are many fans of big bikes, but when it happens like this, the younger boys head to other places like Genting Highlands’ roads, Karak Highway, Awana and so forth,” he said in disappointment.

Commenting further on their discussions with ministry representative Datuk Ghazali Ibrahim, Shahrin said the political secretary to the Prime Minister had asked him to lodge his complaints in the proper manner.

“We went to discuss and he (Ghazali) already told us what to do.

“Datuk asked us for a letter of protest to the Prime Minister, to himself and also the Youth and Sports Ministry.”

Shahrin also urged motorcycle clubs in the country to register with the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

Meanwhile, ABS secretary Azril Sani Puasa, in a statement, called on all members of the club and riders of high-powered motorcycles to boycott Track Day at SIC until SIC cancelled the monopoly.

“Following discussions with the ministry, which took place this afternoon in Putrajaya, ABS fully supports boycotting SIC due to the appointment of a foreign-owned company to fully manage Track Day.

“We also call for the Track Day fee to be reviewed because the fee of RM300 to RM350 for a Track Day session is quite high and a burden.

“The boycott will certainly require sacrifices from us all to work together to ensure the country’s motor sports are always dominated and led by local people for now and in the future.”

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