SEREMBAN, Oct 15, 2015:

“The last time I met him was on Oct 3. We talked like normal,” said Lolanopita Sadi, mother to neglected teenage boy Muhammad Firdaus Dullah, 16, who passed away yesterday evening.

The grieving mother, who at one point was heavily criticised for leaving her son in a deplorable condition, said that the last time they met, she saw nothing different in Muhammad Firdaus except that he really liked bread and was always munching on food.

She, however refused to comment further, appearing to be extremely upset at the loss of her first child.

Lolanopita was once labelled as inhumane for leaving her disabled son locked up in a room, all alone, covered in his own urine and faeces in a flat at Taman Semarak, Nilai.

However, today she was seen crying from the start of Muhammad Firdaus’ funeral at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Makam Haji Mohd Said until the moment her son was safely buried at 2.30pm.

Also present at the funeral was Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan. He expressed his condolences to Muhammad Firdaus’ family, pointing out the sad life the young teenager had to endure.

Mohamad Hasan said the boy had been under the care of Welfare Department ever since he had been found severely neglected and malnourished last year.

“Even when he was alive he went through hard times as his family did not want him. Now we pray for him to be placed among the pious.”

He added that Muhammad Firdaus had been recovering well and was becoming “normal” before he had a seizure which consequently ended his long struggle.

The principal of Sinar Harapan home, Tunku Ampuan Najihah Norkhairiyani Awang described Muhammad Firdaus as a bright and happy boy, especially when his mother came to visit.

“He was someone who was easy to take care of, but he needed attention as he was not able to manage himself.”

She also said that the boy was fed with plain rice and chicken before he had the seizure.

Norkhairiyani, however, refused to explain further on the incident, where at around 1.15pm, Muhammad Firdaus died following a seizure while having lunch at the home.

Muhammad Firdaus was placed in the home on Aug 21 last year, just two months after he was rescued by chance during a non-related four-hour operation conducted by Negri Sembilan Immigration Department enforcement officers.

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