KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9, 2015:

The new version of the National Service Training programme (PLKN) has incorporated a higher level of security and improved modules aimed at giving its trainees a better chance at future employment.

PLKN chairman Datuk Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun Narrasshid said security aspects were heavily weighed into during the drafting of the programme’s modules, in line with the expectations expressed by the public.

“We noticed that there are some negative perceptions on the security of PLKN’s trainees following the 20 deaths that had occurred since the programme was first implemented.

“We aim to change the perception and show that being in PLKN is safer than being outside.

“We want to reiterate to the public that PLKN is good as it will also give an extra advantage to its trainees and with better infrastructure, the trainees’ security will definitely improve.”

Noor Ehsanuddin was speaking at a press conference in PLKN’s department here today, where he unveiled that part of the programme’s improvement measures including “follow up” programmes after the training.

Explaining further, Noor Ehsanuddin said 420 government agencies and 10 ministries have agreed to prepare a total of 20,000 spots in their departments for the trainees to fill, allowing them to gain necessary soft skills that will provide them with an advantage in securing a job later on.

“IKBN (National Youth Skills Institute) for example, will provide 6,000 spots for the trainees once they complete the programme.”

He added that the pilot project will begin on Oct 17 involving a total of 410 trainees and 31 instructors, and out of the 410 trainees, 309 were volunteers while 101 received the offer from National Service Training Department (JKLN).

The first intake however, will only be on Jan 18 next year with around 20,000 trainees expected to participate.

According to Ehsanuddin, among other changes involved in the transformation included shortening the length of every intake from 12 weeks to just eight weeks.

“We are also working on having the trainers working on a permanent basis rather than on a temporary basiss, the way it was previously.”

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