KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 3, 2015:

Buying fake goods in Petaling Street is as easy as it comes.

The only question buyers need to answer is the quality of the goods they want to purchase.

A trader in the area said they have goods that come from all over the world but the only problem is that it was “not the original stuff”.

“If he feels that he wants better fake quality, then we try to find put how much extra he is willing to pay.

“Fake goods from different countries have different standards.

“We get goods from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan,” he told The Rakyat Post.

The traders said the highest quality of goods come from South Korea and Japan.

He added that watches, clothing, shoes, knapsacks, wallets and handbags from South Korea and Japan tend to cost more.

Another trader expressed his unhappiness over claims that they were selling low quality fakes.

“A pair of Lewis jeans cost above RM500 here but the cost of making it is not more RM50. It is the brand maker that is fleecing the customer.

“If they were to charge a lower price it is likely that we would be out of business,” he said

The trader said he could bring the same quality of jeans that is sold by branded outlets but if they were to charge the same price, no one would buy from them.

He added that even if they produced their own brand, it still would not sell at the same price as a branded pair.

He said therefore traders use branded names to sell their goods.

The street trader said it is also true that not all the goods they sold was as high quality as the original goods.

This is the last part to The Rakyat Post‘s series on Petaling Street.

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