KUCHING, Oct 1, 2015:

Sarawak DAP is reiterating its stand that working together with PAS will never be possible.

State chairman Chong Chieng Jen said PAS had proven itself to be a party without credibility and had betrayed the former coalition by its unilateral pursuit of implementing hudud law in the country by working together with Umno.

“(PAS) has proven itself to be unable to be a team player. We hope everyone will be clear on this and not to harbour any hope for us compromising our stand to work with them,” said Chong in a press conference at Sarawak DAP’s headquarters in Pending here.

Earlier, Sarawak DAP and Sarawak Parti Amanah Negara welcomed the formation of Pakatan Harapan in the state and would proceed to hold discussions with Sarawak PKR.

“We note that PAS is not a party in this new coalition, and there are those who think that we should leave the door open, but as what I have said earlier, Sarawak DAP’s decision stays.”

Chong added that DAP’s participation in the formation of the new coalition was on the condition that there should not be any form of cooperation with, or participation of, any party not committed to the principles of “governance by consensus” and the stated ideals of the coalition.

“To us, what PAS did in the past is completely unacceptable. It is an ideal position to have all the Opposition parties under one umbrella, but the issue here is whether such idealism is attainable.

“It is important to produce a workable coalition, which speaks in one voice involving a common framework.”

Chong also said Sarawak Pakatan Harapan must give hope to Sarawakians that they represent the future, a coalition based on the principles of good and clean governance.

Also present was Amanah Sarawak chairman Mohamad Fidzuan Zaidi, who echoed Chong’s sentiment.

“As multiple national political, economic, ethnic crises hit the nation, we are keenly aware that issues concerning economy, education, healthcare, security, judiciary, democracy and justice should be the main focus in the new coalition.

“Not only must Malaysia break free from its current crisis, Pakatan Harapan must lead the way to campaign for the Federal Government to devolve powers of the state in line with the spirit of democracy, especially in state autonomy matters.

“This is the real issue concerning the state and the country now, which should be stressed upon,” said Mohamad Fidzuan.

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