KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29, 2015:

The Chinese community in this country has China to turn to for protection should something happen to them, claimed coalition of Malay non-governmental organisations (NGO) leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunus.

The action of Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang, in what Jamal claimed as defending the fate of Chinese traders in Petaling Street recently, proved this, Jamal further alleged.

“This is a clear message that the Chinese have a place to tell of their woes and have their fates defended apart from Malaysia,” he said in a statement today.

“They have their homeland in China’s mainland, and if anything happens to them, they still have somewhere to turn to.”

Dr Huang previously was reported to have said that China rejected violence and any form of racial discrimination and extremism, during a visit to Petaling Street, while rumours at the time were swirling of a gathering and riot that would take place there last Saturday.

The gathering, however, did not materialise.

Meanwhile, Jamal further claimed that it was different for Malays because they have nowhere else to turn to but this country.

“To the Malays, realise that Malaysia is ours. We need to take care of it and defend every inch of this land.

“Get up and unite in the name of Malay and Islam,” Jamal said, adding that this was in order to defend the land from any threat and exploitation, be it obvious, or implied.

“This is the only thing left behind by our forefathers and ancestors which is priceless. So we have to take care of it as best we can,” he added.

Jamal, who had last week spoke of a potential rally in Petaling Street, was later arrested by the police.

While he denied organising the alleged rally, he claimed he was the middleman in between the rally organisers and the authorities.

The rally was said to be about inaction by the authorities with regard to fake goods being sold in Petaling Street.

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