KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29, 2015:

Netizens are labeling Arbaiyah Abdul Manan or Abby Abadi a bigot for questioning Secret Recipe’s “halal status” after claiming the owner of the premise in Gua Musang was a non-Muslim

According to local entertainment news portal, Rotikaya.com, the celebrity made a rather controversial statement on Instagram undermining the outlet in Kelantan.

Apparently, the former actress was at the restaurant to purchase birthday cakes for her children.

“I promise in the name of God, my husband and I will never again buy cakes from Secret Recipe at Gua Musang,” she wrote on her Instagram posting.

The restaurant which she claims was owned by a non-Muslim made the star of Gerak Khas hesitant and uncertain of its halal status.

“Yang saya nak sampaikan kat sini, lain kali nak makan kat mana-mana beringatlah ye. Non-muslim but halal? Banyak tempat dah macam ni. Jaga kaunter orang kita, tapi yang di dapur orang dia. Yang ni, buat kek, yang sediakan bahan-bahannya siapa? Yang masak?,” she was quoted saying.

(What I want to say here is, be cautious the next time you eat. Non-Muslim but halal? There are a lot of places like this. The counter is manned by our people, but in the kitchen it’s their people. Who made the cake, who prepared the ingredients? Who baked?)

The celebrity’s rather discriminatory comment had the public condemning her unfair and biased statement and denounced her as a bigot.

Fans are also questioning the celebrity’s resolve as moments after the posting she also uploaded other photos of herself and her family apparently enjoying the cake.

The posting made yesterday has since gained numerous attention from netizens that deplore the celebrity’s prejudice comments.

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