KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27, 2015:

Perkasa has expressed dissatisfaction over the actions of Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang for getting involved in Malaysia’s domestic issues.

In a statement, the Malay right wing group’s information chief Hassan Basri Muhammad urged the ambassador to apologise over comments made regarding the Petaling Street issue.

He said the statement made by Dr Huang that the Chinese government was against the local Chinese community facing any type of violence and discrimination made it look like the Malaysian government was being unfair to the Chinese community.

Hassan argued that the local Chinese community was accorded the same rights as everyone else in the country’s multiracial society, including equal access to education, business, the economy, health and many more things.

He pointed out that the majority of millionaires in the country came from the Chinese community.

Hassan said Dr Huang should make an attempt to understand how Malaysia’s multiracial society works.

“The ambassador should instead deal with the problems created by Chinese nationals. Many of them are involved in illegal activities such as prostitution, illegal gambling, running massage parlours and a host of other illegal activities.

“These people have directly contributed to the social ills in the country.

“Dr Huang should be using his time to tackle the problems created by the Chinese nationals instead of getting involved in the Petaling Street issue,” Hassan said.

The Perkasa information chief also urged Wisma Putra to give the Chinese ambassador a stern warning and ensure that he does not get involved in local issues.

On Friday, Dr Huang was reported to have said that China was against those who resorted to violence to disrupt public order. It is believed he was alluding to the threat of a riot at the popular tourist site.

Dr Huang also warned that Beijing would not hesitate to voice out against incidents which either threatened the interests of the republic, infringed upon the rights of its citizens in conducting business or disrupted the relationship between the two nations.

Wisma Putra has subsequently summoned Dr Huang to explain his statement.

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