WHAT is any iPhone lover without their customised devices?

For the well-heeled iPhone-toting crowd, there’s now the option to get the ultimate in luxury personalisation.

Legend, a Finnish high-end luxury electronics company specialising in bespoke services for smartphones, recently launched the sales of their line of customised 24K gold iPhone 6S phones.

From custom logos, diamond inlays, custom laser or hand engravings and alternative materials usage, customers can choose to personalise their gadgets as they wish or buy one of the products as pictured on the company’s website.

The company’s Classique 24K gold iPhone 6S model, for instance, boasts 87 VVS1 grade diamonds studded into the precious metal logo, the thickest layer of gold plating in the industry, as well as the choice of 24K gold, rose gold, platinum or black rhodium plating.

Several customisations options are also offered to make your gadget stand out even more — custom logos, laser or hand engravings, diamond studded bezel, precious stone inlays, for instance.

The company’s Momentum model has more a complex design with elaborate patterns on a sterling silver back plate with rose gold plating and intricate hand engraved inlays made by a master engraver.

The central part features crocodile leather with solid 24K gold logo.

Various customisation options are also offered for this model, such as the choice of inlay materials, custom hand engravings, various exotic leathers, as well as diamond studded bezel and/or buttons, for instance.

Each phone is shipped in a wooden luxury presentation box that includes matching precious metal plated earphones and a premium leather folder with the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

The company is taking orders for its customised phones and pre-ordered items will be shipped beginning next month.

The Classique is priced at €2950 (RM14,106) and Momentum €3790 (RM18,115), including VAT and worldwide shipping. All phone models come with 128GB memory.

For more information, visit http://www.legend-helsinki.com

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