KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21, 2105:

The decision by PAS not to join Pakatan 2.0 is not because the party thinks of itself as great and better than the others, said PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan.

He said PAS has its own approach and strategy in the 14th General Election (GE14) without being locked in political games with coalition partners.

“We do not want PAS to turn into a party that is not good, falling into a confusing and shaky situation in the current political game, with GE 14 drawing near.

“There is still plenty of room for ijtihad (independent reasoning) and political action that can be implemented and planned in preparation for GE14. It will be refined, examined and discussed as properly as possible.

“PAS does not have to follow the behavior of others to succeed and win, furthermore PAS will welcome anyone who wants to be friends and support PAS’ struggle, to walk together towards success and victory in the world and the hereafter,” he said in a statement.

His words came in the wake of a statement by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who had insisted that there will be no cooperation with ‘traitors’.

Nasrudin, who is Temerloh Member of Parliament, described the actions and decisions of Abdul Hadi as correct and smart as the issue does not arise because PAS was still working with PKR.

“Pakatan 2.0 has yet to exist, and its obejctives are unclear. PAS is not interested in it because Pakatan Rakyat is still intact and what is needed is a commitment to strengthen the original version that had been clearly stated before, to make Pakatan more effective.

“Pakatan 2.0 also includes DAP which betrayed and attacked us from all angles including personal attacks against PAS president.

“Even the psychological attacks and provocations against PAS by DAP have not ended to this day.”

In addition, said Nasrudin, PAS cannot tolerate nor recognize the attitudes and actions of former leaders and members of PAS who stabbed PAS in the back by forming a new party.

Strictly speaking, traitors must bear their guilt over the ages until they are sorry and repent to Allah, he added.

“Giving recognition to the traitors will eliminate the guilt of those involved. This is not good for the people’s struggle, not to mention the cause of Islam.

“Our stance is neither arrogant, filled with pride nor egoistic. In fact, it’s a stance built on principle and dignity of our struggles.”

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