KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14, 2015:

Suthenesh Sugumaran was pleasantly surprised when a group of customers requested that he transport food and shirts to a centre for the homeless.

The co-founder of Be Malas — a concierge service — was never told the couple were newly-weds, who wanted to spread some joy on their big day.

“And they did not want us to reveal their identities.

“So we told the home it was kindred souls who had donated the food,” Suthenesh told The Rakyat Post.

In an age when good deeds are bragged about on social media, Be Malas is becoming a platform for generous Malaysians who want to remain anonymous.

One of their customers, Suthenesh revealed, got in touch with them after watching the news about an abused girl and ordered that a doll be delivered to her.

Ramadan, he added, saw a spike in anonymous donors, most of whom contributed cakes, confectionery or groceries to homes for the elderly or orphanages.

Such gestures, Suthenesh admitted, inspired Be Malas to do more and he hoped more kind-hearted people would come forward.

“It always feels good when you have the ability to empower people to pay it forward.”

Being firm believers in paying it forward, Be Malas reduced its service charge with the hope that it would encourage more people to use its platform to do more charitable acts.

And what do the generous donors get in return?

Well, the thanks and appreciation of the happy recipients. Their gratitude is relayed by Be Malas via video recordings, pictures and thank-you notes.

For Suthenesh, this means his team is able to make both his customers and recipient say: “You make my day!”

And his as well.

“It makes the whole errand worthwhile. We often spend a lot of energy, time and effort in fulfilling requests.

“But a simple gesture of gratitude pushes us forward and reminds us that we are on the right path.”

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