PEARL Tan Jue Imm’s passion for makeup began when she was a competitive Latin dancer in high school.

“It was around that time when I started experimenting with makeup, as I was required to put on my own when I traveled with my partner to dance camps, training and competitions,” said Pearl who is currently studying International Business at INTI International College, Subang Jaya.

“This kick-started my curiosity in the makeup industry, and I started taking classes to understand what both consumers and makeup artists look for in the products they use.”

At 18 she began applying makeup professionally.

“I started building my portfolio by collaborating with photographers and models which eventually led to my involvement in editorial and fashion shoots.”

In a career spanning five years now, Tan has had the opportunity to work with eBay, Candydoll, Puma, Pestle & Mortar amongst others.

During this time she has been balancing her work with her studies at INTI. Today, Pearl has her own business and is in the midst of launching her own makeup brand, SHOME Global.

Q: Can you describe briefly what your business is ?

A: SHOME Global is the parent company of several businesses revolving around beauty and fashion. We offer organic, quality,products that are accessible, yet maintain an edgy elegance. One of the brands under SHOME is called STATEMENT which is an accessory brand that incorporates Swarovski stones and gemstones with 3D printing on its products, providing an elegance and uniqueness for the customer. The other two companies under SHOME Global are still in the research and development phase and will likely be launched in 2016.

Tan designed a pendant with a receptacle for lip gloss.— Pic by Anita Ems Rashid

Q: What inspired you to create “STATEMENT”, the lip gloss that doubles as a necklace and winning the POP Innovation Challenge award last year open doors for you?

A: I always wanted to create a makeup product. Hence when the founder of Greenroom136 , who was one of the judges for Pop Innovation Challenge 2014 competition, was talking about how he developed his product, I was inspired by his fire and passion . It wasn’t hard for me to decide that I wanted my product to be convenient and something that I would proudly use and wear. This thought process led me to creating a lipstick that doubles as a necklace which was STATEMENT. It is both simple and elegant and it looks good on everything you wear! STATEMENT eventually became a brand of its own.

Q: Why do you feel passionate about developing your own makeup brand SHOME global?

A: The inspiration behind the name “SHOME” came from my dad. He told me that I should feel at home in anything that I do. SHOME essentially means Specialty Home. The S in SHOME can mean anything and everything as that is what SHOME aims to be one day, a versatile company. My dad has constantly inspired me to make something of myself. He is my hero. The beauty side of it goes down to me wanting everyone to feel that they are uniquely beautiful! I am passionate about developing my own makeup brand because I believe everybody deserves to feel beautiful.

Q: What kind of fashion statement do you intend SHOME to make, who is it targeted at and what will be its selling point?

A: I intend to build SHOME as a fashion- forward brand which marries simplicity with elegance. The target market is mainly young women in their early twenties and people around my age group, as I can relate to them both financially and fashionably. The product’s main selling point is that it offers convenient goodness in style.

Q: Did you expect your career to grow in the way that it has?

A: Definitely, not. I expected it to take another 5 years or so, but the rate it has grown is definitely a pleasant surprise which I am thankful for.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A:Happily married with a loving husband, and being a working mother. It sounds clichéd, but I believe building a company requires a strong family as its foundation. So yes, in 10 years I believe that SHOME Global will have grown into a business that would allow me to spend time with my children.

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