KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 14, 2015:

PKR Youth said the attack on Gerakan Mahasiswa Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia president Shahir Rahimi could be related to the on-going campus elections.

In condemning the assault, the wing’s vice-chief Tan Kar Hing pointed out that Shahir was on duty guarding the election posters when he was attacked, adding that this could also be an attempt to sabotage the election.

The incident, he added, was an attempt to intimidate Shahir as his car also had paint thrown on it.

“Last year the car windscreen of Pro-Mahasiswa UIAM chairman was broken, this year the use of violence has been widespread and its threatening the security and lives of university students.”

Tan also said student activists of whom were candidates for the campus elections were often victims of repression and attacks during the campaigning period.

The Simpang Pulai assemblyman said such acts were a slap in the face for democracy, adding that the universities should take appropriate action to ensure that the elections are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

Tan then urged the university authorities and the police to identify the attackers and ensure that they face justice.

“Such violent actions should not be tolerated in universities.”

Shahir, who was attacked within the UKM campus near his hostel block early this morning, suffered serious injuries to his head and body including five serious cuts. He also had paint thrown at him.

He is currently being treated at the Serdang Hospital.

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