KOREAN drama lover would not want to miss out the new family-romantic drama titled Everybody Say Kimchi which made its premier on Oh!K (Astro channel 394) yesterday.

The drama tells the a story of a heartbroken housewife and her newly-established kimchi (a traditional fermented Korean side dish) business, will feature actor Yoo Ha-eun, Shin Tae-gyung, Park Hyun-ji and Lim Dong-joon as the main casts.

Story synopsis:

Yoo Ha-eun, (played by actor Kim Ji-young), has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer’s wife. Her wish comes true as she is married to a lawyer name Lim Dong-joon, (played by Won Ki-joon).

Her life starts to fall apart and crumble when her husband abandons her for his client, Park Hyun-ji, (played by Cha Hyun-jung), the heiress to the Taeyang Group.

Despite the betrayal of her husband and the subsequent hardships she encounters as a divorcee, she starts a kimchi business to start anew. With the help from Shin Tae-gyung, (played by Kim Ho-jin), an owner of an agriculture cooperative called Haneul Farm, she gets into a competition with Hyun-ji, who also runs a kimchi food subsidiary.

Both of them soon discover a startling family secret, leaving them to question their marriage and the people around them.

Tune in to catch on what will happen to the marriage and the scandals clouding them. Visit http://www.astro.com.my/whats-on/guide for more info.

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