SHAH ALAM, Sept 8, 2015:

Non-revenue water is costing Selangor RM400 million a year and the state government intends to reverse this.

Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali said this following the conclusion of the saga over the water restructuring deal between the state and federal government today.

He said not only had the non-revenue water not gone down but it had gone up from 30% previously to 36% at present.

He said once the state government, through Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor), takes over the water-related assets in a year’s time, it would start tackling issues plaguing the water industry.

Speaking to The Rakyat Post, Mohamed Azmin said they would look into replacing old pipes, curb the stealing of water and tackle issues related to non-revenue water.

“I am happy that the water industry is no longer under private control. The water industry should be controlled by the state for the benefit of the people.”

He added that the state would be able to manage and run the water industry more effectively.

Meanwhile, Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus Ongkili said Mohamed Azmin had been able to negotiate a better deal for the state.

Also speaking toThe Rakyat Post, he said they had managed to resolve certain contentious issues.

Citing the example of the land around the Semenyih and Bukit Nanas water treatment plant, he said they were close to reaching an agreement on the land issue, but refused to elaborate further.

He added that they had also solved the issue of the land reserve over the water pipes.

“Previously, we wanted the land to be handed over to us but we finally reached an agreement whereby we will only take control of the pipes and not the land.

“This deal is different from what the federal government had signed with other states.

“What we want at the end of the day is a win-win situation for both sides.”

He added that the Langat 2 water treatment plant would become fully operational in 2019.

He thanked the state government for giving all the necessary approvals for the building of the water treatment plant.

Earlier, Azmin and Maximus witnessed the signing of four agreements that would help consolidate as well as restructure the state’s water services industry.

The four agreements were the Facilities Agreement, Lease Agreement, Right of Use Agreement and Settlement Agreement.

Maximus described this agreement as a great milestone in the water restructuring deal.

He said Selangor will have a 45-year licence to operate the water concession.

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