KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8, 2015:

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar was keen on buying stolen data on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), convicted former PetroSaudi employee Xavier Andre Justo revealed.

In an exclusive by the New Straits Times, which also based its reports on investigation details into Justo’s case, the Lembah Pantai lawmaker was, however, not considered as the choice potential buyer.

When Nurul Izzah allegedly offered to pay him with contracts that would come in if the Opposition succeeded in becoming the government, the Swiss national turned it down, according to a confession by Justo.

Justo, the English daily reported, also claimed that Sarawak Report editor Clare-Rewcastle Brown was acting as his broker.

“Around September 2014, Clare contacted me and invited me in (sic) Bangkok. She said the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim was interested in buying the data.

“I declined as Nurul wanted to pay US$2 million (RM8.7 million) in future government contracts when they come into power, instead of cash.

“I declined the offer as I saw no purpose for it,” NST quoted Justo as saying in his confession.

Justo had also allegedly confessed that Rewcastle-Brown had along with DAP lawmaker Tony Pua arranged the sale of the stolen data to The Edge media group owner, Datuk Tong Kooi Ong.

Pua’s name, the NST reported, “had cropped up several times” in Justo’s written confession and transcript of the three-month long WhatsApp conversations involving Rewcastle-Brown, Justo, Tong and the Edge Media’s Ho Kay Tat.

Transcripts, the daily reported, suggested that when Tong and Ho were seemingly stalling payment of the sum promised to Justo, Rewcastle-Brown apparently told him that she would “get Pua to come in”.

In his confession, Justo touched on payment agreements that had been reneged because Ho and Tong “were shifting goalposts”.

Justo, the NST wrote, had on March 19 allegedly messaged Ho:

“So you are telling me that you are not going to pay me as agreed in the bank that I have because you feel that this will expose you? I will then have no choice that to (sic) expose the truth.”

The transcript suggested, the daily said, that Ho had allegedly responded, among others, that it would expose them and make it difficult for them to do a direct transaction.

Justo is currently serving a three-year imprisonment for attempting to blackmail his former employer.

It has also been previously reported that Ho and Tong had admitted to misleading Justo in promising payments in exchange for stolen information on 1MDB, claiming that it was to get hold of the evidence to expose the scandal involving the Finance Ministry-owned entity.

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