KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25, 2015:

Wanita Harapan Baru Malaysia (WHBM) slammed Datuk Seri Najib Razak for using the word “bangsat” (destitute) to describe the fate of the Malays, should Umno lose power.

The Umno president has used the term when opening a delegate meeting in Perlis a couple of days ago.

WHBM head of operations Dr. Mariah Mahmud said that the Prime Minister’s “warning” that Malays would “lose everything” was Umno’s “mantra” in facing the crisis that has plagued the party.

“Najib used the Umno delegates meeting as a platform to intimidate Unmo members in supporting the party as well as himself.

“WHBM understands that Najib original intentions of using the word ‘bangsat’ was to highlight that it is the Umno leaders who will lose everything if they no longer governed the country,” she said in a statement, today.

Dr. Mariah reminded that the Federal Constitution guaranteed the special position of Malays, Bumiputeras, Islam and the Royal Institution.

“Whoever is in power must respect the contents of the Constitution.”

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