BANGKOK, Aug 20, 2015:

In a gloom drenched atmosphere, the son of the Lim Su See, the fifth Malaysian who was killed in the blast that rocked central Bangkok, began his journey back home from Suvarnabhumi Airport here.

The soft-spoken university student Lu Pin Quan, 24, clad in black t-shirt and knee-length black pants is expected to attend to his mother’s funeral in Butterworth before returning to Singapore.

“I will only think of the next plan after handling it,” he said today.

Lu was accompanied by Khaw Wi Kai, the son-in-law of Lim Soo Gaik, 49, who was also killed in the explosion, and they flew to Penang International Airport by Thai Airways TG 425 at 7.25pm.

The duo, together with the body of Lim are expected to reach Penang at 10.10pm later.

The remains of Lim would then be brought back to the family home in Taman Dedap, Butterworth.

Second secretary (consular) for the Malaysia Embassy in Thailand, Halmah Hassan has also handed over photocopies of death certificates of the five Malaysians who were killed on Monday evening.

“The Thai death certificates must be endorsed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and subsequently, the endorsed documents must be submitted to the National Registration Department for the issuance of another death certificate.”

Also present was Malaysia’s ambassador to Thailand Datuk Nazirah Hussain.

Apart from Su See, four others from the same family were also killed in the bombing incident.

They were identified as Soo Gaik, her youngest son Neoh Jai Jun, son-in-law Lee Tze Siang and four-year-old granddaughter Lee Jing Xuan.

Just hours ago, the two Malaysians who were injured have also made their way home from the same airport to Kuala Lumpur before transiting another flight to Kota Baru, Kelantan.

Businessman Tan Rui Hun, 29, who sustained injuries on his legs and suffered burns on his left arm was accompanied by his wife Teo Khaei Ling, 27, and mother-in-law Tan Kim Siok, 50.

Tan also sustained minor injuries on her left forehead and received three stitches.

The blast on Monday at 7pm Thai time (8pm Malaysia time) killed 22 people including eight foreigners — of which five were Malaysians.

Hundreds were injured by the deadly blast at the Erawan shrine.

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