KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18, 2015:

After a year trying, Liang Liang and Xing Xing were finally blessed with a baby panda who was born at 1.45pm today.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak shared the happy news on his Facebook account.

“Happy to receive the news that Liang Liang, a panda in Zoo Negara, had safely given birth to a baby at 1.45pm,” wrote Najib.

The couple had previously failed in their attempts to mate, having tried twice in the span of one year of their stay in the Giant Panda Conservation Centre (GPCC).

The pair from Chengdu, China, was loaned via the Giant Panda International Conservation Cooperation Agreement Programme and arrived in Malaysia on May 21 last year.

The agreement was signed in 2012, and through it, Malaysia has the opportunity to conduct panda-related conservation research, other than developing and turning out local expertise on pandas for a 10-year period.

According to previous report, GPCC Zoology and Veterinary director Dr Mat Naim Ramli was quoted as saying that the pair’s first attempt at mating occurred from May 21 to 27 last year.

In early April this year, GPCC detected signs that the female panda was ready to mate for the second time.

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