KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18, 2015:Friends took to social media to mourn the loss of Neoh Jai Jun, 20, who was tragically killed in the bomb blast in central Bangkok yesterday.

Jai Jun along with his mother, Lim Saw Sek, 49, from Penang were among those killed, along with Jai Jun’s brother-in-law Lee Tze Siang and niece Lee Jing Xuan.

Facebook user, Kate Ooi believed to be friends with Jai Jun was still shocked with the news of her friend’s demise.

“Bangkok explosion, you really go this way? I cannot bear looking at your photos,” wrote Kate on her Facebook page along with pictures of herself and the victim during their days in school.

She also shared how lively and outgoing the victim was, as well as how he was such a good friend and was always there when she needed him to be.

“Remember the (Facebook) games we often play at night and the video call we had. We would laugh together every day, go to the school canteen and buy something to eat. I really miss you my friend,” she said in the posting.

Facebook user, Eunice Tan believed to be another long-time childhood friend of the victim, also conveyed her sorrow at the loss of Jai Jun.

“So good people are gone, what is left in this world,” she wrote.

She explained on how the victim was an exceptional student and that his death was tragic.

“Jia Jun I wish you a good journey. RIP.”

Another Facebook user, Cyen Lim said that she would always cherish the moments they spent together.

“Bro, you will forever be in our hearts,” wrote Cyen.

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