MELBOURNE, Aug 18, 2015:

An Australian couple were shocked to find an uninvited naked guest asleep next to them.

The 25-year old stranger had apparently settled on his unusual sleeping arrangements after climbing through an open window, a report in the Hindustan Times quoting PTI said.

Apparently, the couple had left the window open for their cat.

The incident occurred in the New South Wales city of Maroubra around 2am local time when Katie woke up to find the 25-year-old stranger sleeping in bed next to her and her partner, the report added.

When confronted by Chris who is Katie’s partner, the intruder gathered his clothes and tried to flee.

The police were called in as her partner managed to shut the intruder in their back yard.

The Irishman, attempted to escape by climbing through the kitchen window but began wandering around the home until police arrived and arrested him.

Read more:http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/aussie-couple-wake-to-find-naked-irishman-asleep-in-same-bed/article1-1381263.aspx?li_source=base&li_medium=dont-miss&li_campaign=related-test

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