KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 16, 2015 :

The story shared by a girl named Ezzaty Amin about an elderly man rewarding her with RM300 after she bought him a RM2 commuter ticket recently has gone viral. She posted the story on her Facebook and it has since been shared more than 12,000 times and earned more than 44,000 likes. According to Ezzaty, the story unfolded as she was getting ready to board a Komuter train from Batu Caves to Shah Alam.

It so happened that she bumped into an elderly man whom she called “uncle”, as they were both queuing up to buy their tickets.

Ezzaty said she decided to “treat” the uncle since they were heading in the same direction.

“Then i bought one ticket for adult and one for warga tua (because he’s 68). He was stunned, then i said ‘it’s okay pakcik, saya belanja‘.

“The whole journey, we talked to each other and he gave me his business card,” Ezzaty wrote in her post, adding that she didn’t pay attention to the business card and just kept it in her purse.

“We talked about families, career, he told me he is muallaf (Muslim convert), from Sabah and ask me to tasmi’ his recitation, surah Luqman 1-15,” she added.

Ezzaty said that the uncle also requested to take a look at her book, entitled Langit Illahi written by Hilal Asyraf before they went their separate ways.

After we arrived, he said to me.. ”be good, be genuine, i ll pray for you in mekkah” (he’s going for hajj this Sunday),” she wrote.

It was later after she arrived at her house that she found RM300 inserted in her book.

She then took a closer look at the uncle’s business card, and found out that he is a captain and a project director of a marine and dredging engineering company.

“God has promised, we won’t be poor by giving out a portion of our wealth for charity. May God guide us all,” she ended her post.


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