DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua is again demanding that 1MDB answer to him and him only.

He is not interested in finding the truth, a process currently undertaken by many lawful bodies, including the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

By repeatedly daring 1MDB to a debate, one can easily see that he is baiting 1MDB into a trial by media in which he can whack the company many times over and in different venues and platforms.

Surely, the media will be there to cover such a debate with catchy headlines and watch Pua play prosecutor in a trial by media.

This is a concern many have raised, given his angst and non-stop attacks.

It seems he is a man in a hurry to be judge, jury and executioner. First, in a public debate, and then in the PAC.

By insisting that 1MDB answer to Pua, is Pua now saying he is higher than Parliament, which is seeking answers, through the PAC, on 1MDB?

1MDB’s president and group executive director Arul Kanda cannot be clearer when he told Soal Jawab TV3: “PAC, in my view, is the right institution. The best of all investigations to present, because there are Opposition and the government (in PAC).

“That means the questions that we will be asked will be from both parties and it is our responsibility to convince not only the government, but also the Opposition. That is important.”

And the PAC is surely more important than Pua.

Anyone in 1MDB’s shoes would want to answer to a proper lawful body and not one person.

Obviously, Pua cannot have it both ways as Arul is clear about going before the PAC. And he knows it too well.

Seriously, Pua cannot possibly be bigger than Parliament and the PAC, both of which he is an honourable member.

Unless, of course, Pua now believes he can choose to decide for Parliament whether 1MDB answers to him or to Parliament.

He cannot have it both ways as one cannot have his cake and eat it too.

Question is why he is in a hurry? Of course, one may say, justice delayed is justice denied.

Yes, but it cuts both ways.

It is only fair to let all the investigations take its course. Arul has said in the same interview: “To me, what is important is that the investigations must continue, the truth and the facts must be made public by the independent investigators.

“Don’t take our word for it; let the investigators do their work in a transparent and professional manner. That is more important.”

And this is even more important than a debate with Pua.

Let’s not in haste condemn one guilty without being given the right of reply in a proper and lawful venue.

Prejudging is a miscarriage of justice.

So is throwing away the rules of natural justice so entrenched as a basic universal human right.

Will his prejudice cloud his duty in the PAC?


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