NASHVILLE (Tennessee), Aug 15, 2015:

A Tennessee teenager who was pinned under his truck may have Siri, Apple’s voice-activated assistant, to thank for his rescue.

Sam Ray was alone when the truck he was fixing fell on him, but he remembered his phone was in his back pocket. However, he was unable to reach his phone.

Ray managed to use his bottom to activate Siri, which called emergency services, according to a BBC report.

The dispatcher thought it was mistaken call at first but soon heard Ray’s cries for help.

“I could feel myself slipping,” Ray told his local newspaper the Tennessean, on Friday the BBC report added.

The dispatcher was able to locate Ray’s home in a suburb of Nashville by triangulating the signal from his mobile phone.

He was swiftly airlifted to a hospital nearby. He suffered several broken ribs, a bruised kidney and other injuries but has since recovered, the report said.

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