DUNGUN, Aug 15, 2015:

Umno should look at all the challenges and crises in the party in a positive manner because it was not something alien to the party since its inception, said Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, here, today.

He said Umno had faced various tests and crises in the party but this did not prevent the party from remaining as the lynchpin of the government today.

“Umno has gone through many trials and tribulations since it was set up in 1946 until today, but every time we were tested, we could see that we remained united.

“That is wisdom to Umno,” he said at the opening of the Dungun Umno division delegates’ meeting here today.

Zambry, who is also Perak Menteri Besar, said Umno had become stronger today after going through many tests and a challenges not only from outside, but also within the party itself.

He said Umno members should be stronger in spirit and consider any crisis or test as a guide to keep moving forward in line with the principles of the party’s struggle to defend the race and religion.

He said Umno members actually become stronger each time they faced a crisis, and this had been proven in the political scenario in Terengganu and Perak, where they had fallen into the hands of the opposition before.

He said that when the two states fell to the opposition, they could see how Umno managed to rebound, and the Malays reunited again.

“(In) Terengganu and Perak, I can say (we) shared the same fate, we had lost, Terengganu in 1999 and Perak in 2004. We felt the brunt of losing, and after we lost, we bounced back.”

He said the spirit of the ”Blue Wave” which began in Terengganu should be resurrected, as was the case in 2004.

“I believe what is happening to Umno today is a test from Allah upon us,” he said.

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