KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13, 2015.

Prominent journalist and blogger Datuk Ahiruddin Attan has lauded 1Malaysia Development Bhd president and group executive director Arul Kanda Kandasamy for the latter’s appearance at an interview in TV3’s Soal Jawab programmeaired last night.

Ahiruddin, who goes by the moniker Rocky Bru, said Arul would have no problem wooing investors to the troubled company as he was “frank”, “honest”, and “all smiles” during the interview.

“The president and group executive director of 1MDB comes across as confident and not arrogant, a good listener, very articulate in his analyses, totally engaging.

“And, yes, that smile. How some people would love to wipe that smile from his face. Call it the RM42billion-that-never-vanished smile!” he said in his latest blogposting on http://www.rockybru.com.my/.

The former Malay Mail chief editor said 1MDB had been the subject of incessant, and sometimes insane, attacks in the last 8-9 months by parties who wanted Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to step down.

However, he said after the RM42 billion “claim”, which 1MDB had been accused of losing, turned out to be “not true”, accusers later adjusted the figure to RM26 billion before revising it further to just over RM2 billion.

He said following this, Swiss national and former PetroSaudi employee Andre Justo was arrested and faced blackmailing charges in Thailand.

“Much of the political ploy against Najib has shifted away from 1MDB and landed on the US$700 million ‘political donation’ that found its way to the PM’s accounts.

“There was a brief attempt to link even that money indirectly to 1MDB but that, too, gained no traction because it was a lie.”

Ahiruddin said Arul Kanda statement that 1MDB was the most investigated company in Malaysia was an understatement.

“As I see it, 1MDB is also the most maligned Malaysian company ever.

“And none of the earth-shattering allegations and claims made against it has ever been substantiated or proven.

“So far nobody has apologised for the maligning, but I doubt Arul’s interested in getting one, either.

“He’s always maintained that without the politics, the 1MDB would have been there already. With the politics, it’s just going to take a little bit more time to get there.”

See the interview shown on TV3 here:


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