KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11, 2015:

The Consumers Affairs and Protection Society of Sabah (CAPS) has expressed its concern over what it claims to be double standards by the Sabah government in its handling of “foreign visitors”.

Its head of the Business Practice Bureau, Donny Yapp, in a statement today, expressed concern over the high presence of suspected illegal Pakistanis roaming around Kota Kinabalu and working in sundry shops in the state.

“I keep receiving complaints and suspicions regarding this issue, with many asking how is it that our laws have become so lenient when dealing with them after the massive influx of illegal immigrants into Sabah created so many social, political and economical problems here.

“Many are aghast at some of the court sentences being meted out against these Pakistanis when found guilty of overstaying their social visit visas, travelling here without valid documents or carrying out businesses when they should not be doing so.”

Many of these Pakistanis, he said, were also involved in petty crime, including injuring local citizens, as reported in recent reports.

“What baffled us more is that while the white tourists, who were recently found guilty of being naked for a few minutes on Mount Kinabalu, were quickly fined and told to leave the country, these Pakistanis are even allowed bail and let free to go back and carry on their illegal businesses.

“Why the double standards ? Are these federal enforcement agencies like police, immigration, Customs and even health department not acting on behalf of the state authority when it concerns sovereignty and security? “

Yapp said efforts to get the authorities’ attention on the matter seemed to have fallen onto deaf ears and the federal departments were becoming more lenient towards immigrants over the locals.

“This must stop. The citizens of Sabah are losing their patience and they have nowhere to go for a solution.

“It’s time for the top leadership to intervene on behalf of bona fide citizens,” Yapp added.

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