BEING drunk or hungover isn’t usually regarded as a great beauty look, but all that is changing thanks to a new Asian trend.

‘Hangover makeup’ is the latest look to hit social media, with girls in Japan and Korea uploading photos of themselves on Instagram, intentionally looking like they’ve just come home from a big night out.

Eye bags are traditionally seen as something to try to hide, cover up or zap in the West, but puffy peepers form an integral part of this hot new look, with some women going so far as to contour their under eye area to make it appear bigger.

This is proving particularly popular in Korea, where puffiness is seen as pretty, and you can easily pick up products such as this double-ended eye pen by Etude House (US$13) to help you get ‘cute eyes’.

Blush applied directly under the eyes to give the impression of being tired is also a key part of the trend, especially in Japan. Instagram users like @matilda_xy have been demonstrating how a thick sweep of blush above the cheekbones results in the sort of tired, slightly feverish aesthetic that only a hangover can bring about.

Instagrammer@mavis__guo shows how the look can be paired with pale skin and a slightly shiny eye for that ‘just woke up’ vibe.

Hangover makeup is the latest in a series of offbeat beauty trends to surface on Instagram. Recent headline grabbers have included ‘Bubble nails’, an extreme, 3D manicure in which acrylic is heaped onto the nail in a dome shape, and ‘Clown contouring’, which took off earlier in the summer and saw hundreds of women using highlighting and contouring techniques inspired by clown masks.

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