BEIJING, Aug 6, 2015:

The ‘breast modelling’ industry in China has reached the stage where ‘breast models’ are able to earn a high income. Members of this new profession are called ‘breast models’.

And it all started because having beautiful breasts is a dream of many girls who pursue beauty. It is not difficult to imagine that underwear manufacturers, breast surgery hospitals and breast enhancement brands are always looking for models with attractive breasts to speak for their brand through all kinds of underwear photos and advertisements.

And a new profession is born.

Meng Xin is a Qingdao girl who had been bothered by her big breasts until she accidentally became a breast model. In the past few years, she travelled back and forth between Qingdao and Beijing. She earns more than 20 thousand yuan (RM12,300) every month for taking part in advertisements for about a dozen underwear brands. One of her photos was even selected for a textbook used by a medical school, which brought her 1,800 yuan.

Many people think breast models should have perfect figure and a beautiful face, but most of the breast models are just ordinary girls with big breasts.

China has many underwear brands and thousands of breast models, who could earn dozens of times more than other ordinary girls by average. These breast models become high-income earners.

Photo shoots for breast models is no different from the normal advertising shoot. The breast models are not naked at all as they will be wearing different types of underwear according to the assignment.

The photos will focus on the breasts generally without disclosing the faces of models.

Breast modelling has indeed become a profitable profession for girls who have the right “assets”.

The original article is from the People’s Daily Online at … http://en.people.cn/n/2015/0727/c98649-8926624.html

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