Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri has said usage of e-cigarettes, or vape devices, has been ruled as haram (forbidden) to Muslims.

“Among the most popular reasons (for its usage) was that it served as a substitute for real cigarettes,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Specialists also stated that they (devices) were more detrimental to health than cigarettes.”

The latest declaration is in line with the Muzakarah Committee of the National Fatwa Council for Islamic Religious Affairs ruling that smoking is haram back in 1995. Shisha or water-pipe smoking was also declared haram in 2013.

With so much medical evidence also pointing to all forms of smoking being a major medical risk that could lead to heart and lung disease, among others, calls are increasing for the government to crack down on nicotine consumption.

Allen Lim: The problem will be there with or without. It is becoming more nuisance as people vape in lifts and public spaces. if you want to vape in public, do it near my car exhaust pipe or any diesel cars exhaust.

Davis Tan: Few idiots said vaping is good. What is good to you is bad for the general public.

Azrin Kadri: Vaping just hasn’t been around long enough to determine any long lasting effects. It should be regulated though. Most vape shops don’t sell to the underaged but just like cigarettes, you have irresponsible people out there.

Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you.

Shoku Beni: Kids will always find a way. They bought cigarettes in the older days, now they moved to vaping. At least they don’t get drunk.

Jason Thingzz: Don’t forget without the taxes from smoking, you won’t have the schools, hospitals, subsidies that the country has now. Note that cigarettes provides the most tax for the government. 40% of the “general public” are smokers.

Es Ong: Boosting the economy … let them smoke.

Max Azazel: Even more amazing is, it’s most likely the cigarette companies are the ones pressuring the authorities to ban this, since it’s a threat to their business.

But ironically, cigarettes themselves are already documented and established to be dangerous to one’s health, and yet allowed to be sold everywhere.

Henley David: I stepped on Legos and I got hurt.. Why not ban Legos?

Ralph Yew Eng Teik: My body is a holy temple and I will not pollute it with impurities.

Syahrul Effendi Ahmad: I smell tax here.

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