KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 3, 2015:

DAP has never opposed any efforts to implement reforms on the distribution of funds in the country’s political parties.

Its national organising secretary Anthony Loke said the party did not object to this because it never received election funds amounting to millions, or even billions of ringgit.

“It is, however, true that many of DAP supporters who donated funds to the party chose not to be identified for fear of government action by BN as they comprised small businesses in small towns across the country.

“DAP never played a role to prevent any efforts in that direction, but instead promoted transparency in the channelling of political funds,” he said.

He was commenting on a statement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday that the government would propose a legislation requiring political parties to disclose the list of sources of political funding they received.

Najib said the proposed regulation, which was aimed at ensuring greater transparency of political parties, had previously been submitted but rejected by DAP.

“Indeed, the president can find the money (funds) for the party. I can explain (the source of funds for Umno) provided the opposition also explained their financial sources.

“DAP should explain, PKR have to explain from where they obtained (funds). I can explain … If they explain together with us, only then would it be fair,” he said when opening the Umno delegates meeting in Seremban, yesterday.

The Seremban Member of Parliament added the final report of the Special Committee on Electoral Reforms 2012 had recommended the government to allocate funds to political parties according to the number of seats won in the elections.

He said this move would restore democracy in the country and would tackle corruption among politicians in the elections.

“But Najib has ignored all the recommendations by the Special Committee on Electoral Reform after the 13th General Election, forgetting his promise to hold a fair and clean election system in Malaysia.

“He has no moral authority to talk about the renewal of (legislation) of political funds as he still could not even answer the question on whether it (was true) that a sum of RM2.6 billion had been deposited into his personal account.”

Meanwhile, PAS secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the party did not have objection for the Prime Minister to present the proposal in Dewan Rakyat.

Takiyuddin said he felt that the proposal was a good effort.

“PAS is a party that is transparent from a financial perspective, of course it has no problems with the proposal.

“Whatever (it is), we need to see the details (of the proposal) and the terms that will be recommended before any decision can be made,” the Kota Baru MP told The Rakyat Post when contacted.

PKR strategic director Sim Tze Tzin said Najib’s suggestions were a mere rhetoric to divert public opinion on the issues he faced.

“Umno has its own financial resources that are suspicious and of unknown sources.

“So, I do not think the matter will become a reality because it is certain that it will not disclose its financial resources,” the Bayan Baru MP said.

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