SEREMBAN, July 29, 2015:The Hindu Rights Action Force’s (Hindraf) has urged the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to take action against a police officer who allegedly unzipped his pants in an attempt to reveal his genital to a female Gatco Estate settler.

In a scathing press statement, its chairman, P. Waytha Moorthy, said that according to Section 509 of the Penal Code, the incident ,which allegedly took place in the last week of May 2015, was deemed as a sexual offence.

“Yet neither investigation nor suspension or remand has been initiated by the IGP against the said police officer,” Waytha said.

“The police officers in Bahau seem to be acting like cowboys without any respect for the law or the citizens that they are supposed to protect.

“Such unchecked unruly act by the police officers creates unnecessary animosity among the public and tarnishes the image of the police force as a whole,” he alleged.

Waytha said the focus should be on addressing issues pertaining to Khalid’s own officers who he claimed were taking the law into their own hands than arresting netizens on social media.

Failure to do so, he said, would lead the police force becoming a laughing stock among the people and should such “wayward actions” continue along with the reluctance of the country’s number one policeman to address them.

“Till today, there are many intimidation and harassment being carried out by the police force against the settlers and the IGP is sitting silently without interfering and reprimanding his officers.

“It appears the IGP has given the Ayer Hitam police force a free hand to do anything they want, even going against the law, by ensuring that the disputed private owners interest are protected,” claimed Waytha.

Urging Khalid to intervene and put an end to police harassment, Waytha said immediate action should be taken against said the officer.

The Rakyat Post attempted to contact the IGP for comments by sending a WhatsApp message, but none was given as at press time.

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