KUALA LUMPUR, July 22, 2015:

Journalism and the Fourth Estate came in for accolades, especially those who were courageous to break stories.

“We have heard about journalists from all over the world who have died covering the war, who were brave enough to tread into dangerous areas, who were courageous to break stories to unravel the truth.

“It’s heartening to see such brave journalism among our very own Malaysian journalists,” Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago said in a statement.

“This is brave investigative journalism. And they have pushed the boundaries, to report without fear or favour.”

His statement came about in response to The Edge publisher and group CEO Ho Kay Tat’s press release about their duty to pursue stories.

Yesterday, the Edge Media Group disclosed it had handed over documents, printed emails and a hard disk on the 1Malaysia Development Bhd to Bank Negara and police Commercial Crime Investigation Department.

The CEO also disclosed that he had his statement recorded by police yesterday.

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