MANY have gleefully welcomed comments by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in recent weeks against various government initiatives and policies.

But when one of Dr Mahathir’s very own suggestions was used by the government on Sunday, it has drawn even more criticism from the same group of people who sided with the former premier.

In this instance, access to the personal agenda-driven Sarawak Report site was temporarily blocked — with the government doing exactly as Dr Mahathir had suggested on March 26 last year, that the government should censor the Internet.

Does this mean that Dr Mahathir’s suggestion was wrong after all?

Isn’t he right to have said: “The time has come for us to filter the Internet.”

And ironically, Dr Mahathir chooses to vent mainly via his chedet blog — available only on the Internet!

And given the number of times that the chedet blog has been inaccessible due to one technical issue or another, did Dr Mahathir ever accuse anyone of being wrong or seeking to block access to his blog?

The jury is out on exactly why the volatile bunch of people who bay when access to the Internet is fettered in any way, yet condemn pornography and other online depravity.

But even Dr Mahathir admits it is too late to try stuffing the genie back into the bottle, even as those fickle minds who have expressed support for his opinions are now complaining his suggestions have backfired on them.

Otherwise, why else did Dr Mahathir say on June 18, 2013: “When given the (Internet) freedom, we thought nothing much will change, but once you give them freedom, they will usually abuse it.”


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