SEREMBAN,July 20, 2015:

Many jewellery shops in Seremban take their security lightly by not opting for armed security guard services in warding off robberies.

In the wake of yesterday’s incident where a jewellery shop in Terminal One shopping complex was robbed within three-minutes by four armed men,Seremban police chief Asst Commissioner of Police Muhd Zaki Harun said the matter would be brought up at the Seremban town council meeting.

“This matter will be raised to discuss the criteria needed to approve business licenses especially for jewellery shops,” Muhd Zaki told to reporters today.

He said the trend in robberies in recent times has changed.

In the 11.30am incident, the Sem Sum Goldsmith store was robbed by the suspects, who wore helmets and carried two pistols along with hammers.

The robbers carted away four trays of jewellery believed to be worth more than RM500,000 with no one harmed or injured in the process.

“We estimate the loss to be at RM500,000 based on our initial investigations, however the victim claims it is more than RM1 million,”

In the videos which were taken by bystanders and later posted onto Facebook, there were no signs of security guards trying to thwart the robbery.

“What we have observed is that the owner of the complex did not use armed security services.”

Muhd Zaki said the complex’s management has had a good security system to date, however in the light of the current criminal trend, measures to improve on security has to be taken.

The police would be speaking to the management to provide advice on boosting the complex’s security system.

“Many jewellery shops do not place importance on this due to the high cost of employing armed security guards.”

He said this lack of importance given to armed security came despite many premises being noticeably “soft targets” in terms of physicality and location.

“Maybe they don’t place such importance because insurance claims can be made.”

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