KUALA LUMPUR, July 19, 2015:

Just as some are waiting for Syawal to arrive, there are some that have already made arrangements to return home to meet their dearly missed parents.

But for transsexuals in the country, their return is not as anticipated. Returning to their village for the holidays to be with loved ones is not an option.

For Mohd Faizul Izwan Suffian, 38, who was born as a man but begin to realise he had the soul of a “woman” since he was eight. He, however, knew that being born a Muslim, his true feelings were kept from his parents.

“I like to wear women’s clothes, when I went to religious classes I loved to see my ustazah wearing a tudung, so much so I forced my mother to sew me one.

“They do not like to see me wearing women’s clothes, so to avoid getting scolded I had to sneak wear what I liked,” said the Pink Triangle finance administrative.

As an adult Faizul no longer had to hide. He faced the wrath of his father who chased him out of the house for being a transsexual. When he returned he would be mocked.

“At that time I fled to a friend’s house, but only after a month I started to miss them terribly.

“As soon as I got home, my parents accuse me of having HIV because I changed to become a woman. They were certain because of my change I would have the virus,” he said when contacted by The Rakyat Post.

Now known as Camelia, she has become a full woman although Hari Raya celebrations were not as merry as before there was no regret because she is now happy.

“I have now been separated from my family for 10 years but I am content.

“I am afraid to return to my village as I fear the perceptions of relatives and their acceptance of what I am now.”

She said the stigma attached with society there was the reason for her to move to Kuala Lumpur to earn a living by working hard.

“Migration to give KL gave me a lot of valuable experiences and it was also one that can be proven as success to my parents.”

She said that the migration to the city was not a bed of roses.

“Once when I was working in a factory, a group of men pulled my hand and forced me to perform oral sex, as I was about to enter the toilet.

“I was very sad to think that people do not respect people like us.”

She said the limited freedom in their daily life sometimes makes her bitter and disappointed because the law does not allow them to live as independently like everyone else.

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