KUALA LUMPUR, July 19, 2015:

Police recovered a stolen hydraulic press machine in Sibu, Sarawak, after clumsy thieves left a trail that led all the way to their hideout. According to The Borneo Post, in just four hours, the 500-kg machine costing RM10,000 was already in the hands of the police.

What the thieves did not know was that the machine they stole at 10am was leaking oil.

This left an oily trail which the son of the factory owner followed and found where the thieves hid the machine.

When the police seized the machine, the thieves were not in the house. The culprits were, however, identified and the police are in hot pursuit.

The theft that happened in broad daylight occurred when the thieves broke into a factory at Upper Lanang Road, and since it was a public holiday, there was no one inside the premises. The daughter of the factory owner found the main entrance partially opened when she visited the place at noon.

She asked the people nearby for information and was told that four men had carted away the machine.

She saw the oil on the ground and called her brother, who with a friend, followed the oil trail to a house at Tebedak Road.

They then informed the police.

A police team led by DSP Wong Dee Kui entered the house, found the stolen machine and seized it.

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