NEW YORK, July 9, 2015:

A Manhattan federal judge said on Tuesday that cable giant Time Warner Cable (TWC) must pay US$229,500 to a woman, Araceli King, it robo-called 153 times in under a year.

US district judge Alvin Hellerstein said TWC had acted in a “particularly egregious” manner.

The company said it would review the ruling before deciding how to proceed, reported BBC News.

Making unwanted automated calls is illegal in the US, and companies breaking the rules can face a fine of US$1,500 for each call.

The calls made to King, which were meant for someone else (Luis Perez) who had previously had her cellphone number, continued even after she told TWC who she was and to stop calling and even after she filed her lawsuit.

The company didn’t dispute the number of calls to King, but noted that less than half the calls resulted in messages being played to King or her voicemail.

The judge said any company that “robodials the same person hundreds of times over many months without pausing to wonder why it cannot reach him” could not complain about the higher fine, reported BBC News.

Hellerstein said he had tripled the penalty for TWC because it had made 74 calls to King after she had registered her complaint.

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