KUALA LUMPUR, July 7, 2015:

A Parkson retail spokesperson said that the incident involving their customer Amanda Sabri last May was “unintentional” and the company had apologised to her.

The matter came to light after a Facebook posting dated July 1 made by Amanda went viral in which she claimed that while she was in a changing room at Parkson Pavilion, a male promoter flipped open the curtain to her changing room.

Amanda expressed her disappointment as well as shock over the incident.

“There were three promoters involved in the incident and although they are not our employees, we feel obligated to conduct an investigation,” the spokesperson told The Rakyat Post when contacted to clarify the matter today. “From the investigation, we found out the male promoter from another brand wanted to retrieve a garment from the store which the customer was at and the promoter at that store told the male promoter to take the garment from inside. “The male promoter went in to the cubicle without knowing that there was a customer inside,” said the spokesperson. Meanwhile, in Amanda’s account, at the time of the incident, she was undressed and claimed that the male promoter had “a good look” at her. She immediately reported the incident to the managers on duty as well as several representatives from Parkson. However, she said no action was taken, but admitted that the management as well as the employees had apologised to her several times. “We apologised to her and her husband. Her husband demanded a written apology and we sent the letter via email. “Unfortunately, based on their response, we feel like our apology was not accepted,” the spokesperson added. Amanda, through her Facebook, also said that she was offered a RM1,000 Parkson Giftcard, which she declined. “They did, however, offer me a RM1,000 Parkson Giftcard, which I declined. Parkson prices a woman’s modesty at only RM1,000… when they have 2 whole floors dedicated to women’s apparel alone. What a joke,” said the posting. Parkson, however, responded and said that it had no other intention in offering her the Giftcard aside from showing its sincere apology over the incident. Nevertheless, Amanda said that she was “scarred” from the incident, hence the reason why she only wrote about the incident recently, although it happened two months ago. “We are sincerely sorry for the incident. In fact, we proposed to the customer (Amanda) to lodge a police report if she felt that the incident was actually intentional,” the spokesperson further clarified today.

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