SINGAPORE, July 3, 2015:

A consultant who repeatedly filmed a woman showering in his flat was sentenced to eight weeks’ jail on Friday for insulting modesty.

Lionel Chong Teck Yuen, 56, had admitted to three charges of using his mobile phone to film the 29-year-old woman in the bathroom on Feb 10, 11 and 12 in 2013. A fourth charge was considered during sentencing, according to The Straits Times.

The court heard that he thought of recording a video of the victim showering on the morning of Feb 10, 2013.

He stood in the toilet area next to the shower area and raised his mobile phone over the partition separating the toilet and shower areas.

The video captured the victim showering in the nude from a top-down perspective.

The next day, he repeated his act. The victim saw a hand holding onto a black mobile phone and was shocked. She decided to remain in the bathroom for a while before coming out. By the time she came out, Chong had returned to his room.

On Feb 12, Chong again insulted the victim’s modesty. This time, the victim screamed and dashed out of the bathroom in time to see Chong rushing out of the kitchen. She shouted for help.

Chong immediately ran back to his son’s room and deleted all the videos of the victim that he had recorded over the past few days.

When he went out of the room, the victim scolded him and called the police.

The prosecution had highlighted aggravating factors such as the multiple occasions of intruding into the privacy of the victim.

His lawyer Darshan Singh urged the court to consider probation or a mandatory treatment order suitability report in view of his client’s major depressive episode.

But district judge Adam Nakhoda agreed that there was a high degree of intrusion and abuse of trust. He said Chong did it not once, but four times, which was aggravating.


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