GOEURO, the bus, train and flight comparison site for travel across Europe, has launched its 2015 Beer Price Index, which compares several beers in stores and bars to rank 75 world cities in terms of price.

Coming in as Europe’s most costliest destination is Geneva, with Hong Kong (No.2) and Tel Aviv (No.3) close behind.

Kuala Lumpur is ranked 60 with price averaging at RM16 , behind Paris which stands at 59, while Singapore is ranked 70.

According to the index, 2015 beer prices have changed from the figures in 2014 due to currency appreciation and devaluation.

For example, as a result of a dramatic change in the Swiss France (CHF) exchange rate, Zurich and Geneva are now among the 15 most expensive cities for beer, surpassing last year’s most expensive city, Olso.

Similarly, US cities have become relatively more expensive since the US dollar appreciated against the euro.

In stark contrast, cities including Krakow (No.1) and Kiev (No. 2) prove altogether cheaper.

While US$10 (RM37) in Krakow (Poland) will get you just over six bottles of beer, it will not even get you two in Geneva.

The Beer Index proves a useful guide for holidaymakers looking for the best value holidays this year, and perfect for those looking at costs beyond their hotel accommodation.

GoEuro prides itself on helping consumers make educated decisions when choosing their vacation by comparing ticket prices of bus, trains and flights on one site.

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