KUALA LUMPUR, June 28, 2015:

Tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding are the recipe for a successful multiracial country, and these few Chinese men did just that, when they walked a day in their fasting Muslim friends’ shoes.

Actor and director Joseph Germani, 24, recorded his experience of fasting for the whole day, starting his video at 1am when he was preparing food to eat before his day began.

While the video was actually recorded and shared in 2013, Joseph re-uploaded it on his Facebook account on June 25, in conjunction with Ramadan this year.

On YouTube, the video has been viewed close to a million times.

“I’ve done my research, so I know puasa begins at 5.30am until 7.30pm. I’ve set my alarm, but I feel nervous because I’ve never tried fasting before.

“The longest time I have fasted was around one to two hours,” said Germani at the start of his close to six–minute video.

The video then showed him waking up late, missing his Sahur, but adamant to continue with his plan anyway.

He started his day looking completely fine, counting down the time until he can finally eat, but close to 5pm, he reported feeling a little dazed as he craved for some water.

“See I can’t even speak properly. Three more hours until I can break my fast, but I think at 7.30pm I have to work, so I might have to eat after that.”

Closer to the “countdown”, he appeared more excited, telling viewers of how he had packed some chicken, eggs, and tomatoes to break fast with.

“The reason I fasted is because I want to experience how our Muslim friends have fasted all these years.

“Another reason is because there has been a lot of tension among the diverse races in our country.

“I want to tell everyone that we are all living as a nation and I respect all races. I’m proud to be a Malaysian.

“It hasn’t been easy as there were few times where I felt like drinking or eating but, patience,” said Germani, who spoke in Bahasa Melayu throughout the video that had received over 17,000 likes since it was posted on his Facebook page two days ago.

Another who attempted to do the same, Youtuber Dickson Ng, said that many, including his family, girlfriend and friends, had asked why he chose to fast for a day.

“After fasting a whole day yesterday, I realised that we are all the same, regardless of our race. We all need to breathe, have two eyes, one mouth, one heart.

“We should respect one another and only then can we have a united and harmonious community.

“We are one Malaysia, aren’t we?”

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