KOTA KINABALU, June 27, 2015:

There is no reason for the 33,000 civil servants, who owe the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), to refuse paying their loans said the Chief Secretary to the government, Tan Sri Ali Hamsa.

He said PTPTN had given much leeway to the 33,000 civil servants to settle their loans.

“I see no reason why the civil servants cannot repay.

“The PTPTN repayment is negotiable, whether one wants to make salary deductions according to what is affordable.

“Many concessions have been given by PTPTN,” he told reporters after the launching of the Kinarut Selatan 1Malaysia Civil Servants’ Housing Project and the agreement signing ceremony between Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PPA1M), Housing and Urban Development Board (LPPB) and Visa Land Sdn Bhd, here today.

Meanwhile, he said salary deduction forms were sent to the civil servants and it was compulsory for them to fill up and return the forms immediately.

“We have instructed and sent the salary deduction forms to the civil servants, and if they did not receive the forms and want to handle the matter themselves, it is also possible and we will monitor.”

Ali said the matter did not only involve civil servants, in fact, more than one million PTPTN borrowers in the country were still finding it difficult to repay their loans.

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